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Born in Munich, Germany, singer/guitarist Rodger Christmann has produced a genre all of his own — what one might describe as “New Age Classic Sound” - kind of a melting pot with the likes of Bread, Clapton, and Paul Young. The bluesy guitar style characterized by precise, economic solos, and a smoky vocal delivery with a nice breathy overdrive that is warm, intimate and passionate—even sexy—make his music instantly recognizable. Christmann has been performing since the early 1990s with his musical partner Rick Kus, a Polish native, who performs on keyboard and accordion.

Christmann’s approach is contemporary, but his musical roots reach back to the 1960s, when he was influenced by blues artists such as Muddy Waters, BB King, and Eric Clapton, as well as pop artists that included The Beatles, Moody Blues, John Martyn, Chris Rea, Cat Stevens, and Joni Mitchell. These influences contributed to his style of strong traditional songwriting and his current repertoire, which includes soulful and emotional acoustic pop and rock arrangements that cover a wide range, from slow and heartfelt ballads to rhythmic upbeat grooves—but his music is never mainstream and trendy, and his blues roots are evident in his music, his harmonies, and sound. His delivery is personal and never sounds manufactured.

His outstanding EP "Blue," released in 2004 by GMM Records (UK), was well received by musicians and music lovers all over the globe, and received radio airplay in France, Germany, and the U.K. The album reached no.1 in the Acoustic & Pop album charts at in Australia. It is now distributed through The Orchard (New York), and available worldwide at digital outlets like Apple's iTunes and Microsoft's MSN.

Rodger Christmann performs regularly in the Frankfurt area, but is working on establishing his music in the international pop music market. He still prefers the intimate atmosphere of smaller clubs, but also performs at bigger venues like the open-air festival in Hamm (Germany) in 2000, where he was playing alongside such popular Polish bands like Skaldowje and Czerwone Gitary, and the Letny Festiwal in 2001 at the Dortmund Westfalen Halle in front of several thousand people.

Currently Christmann is working on his debut album, The album will include Christmann’s originally composed tunes, and will feature Rick Kus and Armin Liedtke as well as guest musicians Stefan Faust on percussion and Sebastian Teufel (Yellow Jumps Twice) on guitar and mandolin.

Quiberon Train Station (Bretagne/France) in the 1970s

Quiberon Train Station (Bretagne/France) in the 1970s